Waarom Verpoucke Consulting?

For more than 10 years Verpoucke Consulting has built up expertise and trust based on its ideal of finding a perfect match, and in a way that is both focused and active, between a potential candidate and you, the customer.

Professionalism, result-orientation and commitment play a key role in our dynamic approach.

As an HRM specialist, Verpoucke Consulting wishes, on the one hand, to advise its customers and candidates, and on the other, to support the development of their human capital or their careers.
Verpoucke Consulting has built up expertise in a variety of profiles ranging from junior to senior, for various positions in different technical fields.

With our offices in Ghent and Edingen we are able to operate in two countries. Our flexibility enables us to go on location with the candidate or customer, where appropriate.

We can always guarantee:

  • Tailor-made solutions,
  • A result-oriented cooperation with a versatile team and psychologists,
  • Experience and efficiency,
  • A single point of contact,
  • Intensive and high quality monitoring,
  • Competency-based analyses,
  • Transparency regarding the status of the procedure via real live and online access,
  • Factual reporting tool,
  • Quick process times.

In our overall approach we strive to be a sparring partner for the customer and the candidate, both for recruitment and selection and for assessment and development centers.

Catulasdreef 5 - B-7850 Edingen - Tel.: +32 (0)2 397 12 00 - Fax.: +32 (0)2 397 12 09 - info@verpouckeconsulting.be  |  VG.1033/BO, B-AB06.020, W.RS.381 W.SO.381